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Labiaplasty Revision & Reconstruction: Revitalizing Your Confidence

The appearance of the labia has a significant impact on a woman’s confidence. Labiaplasty revision & reconstruction is a procedure that can help to reshape the labia, restoring a woman’s confidence and self-esteem.

Labiaplasty revision & reconstruction is a surgical procedure that is designed to improve the appearance of the labia. The procedure can be used to reduce the size of the labia, reshape the labia, and/or correct any deformities or abnormalities. It can also be used to improve the appearance of the labia after undergoing a labiaplasty procedure.

Labiaplasty revision & reconstruction is typically done with local anesthesia and takes about one to two hours to complete. During the procedure, the labia will be reshaped using specialized techniques, such as suturing, liposuction, or laser resurfacing. The goal is to create a more aesthetically pleasing labia.


Benefits of Labiaplasty Revision & Reconstruction

There are many potential benefits that come along with undergoing a labiaplasty procedure. Here are just some of them:

Labiaplasty revision & reconstruction can help to reduce any discomfort or pain that is caused by the labia.

Large labia minora that rub against certain clothing can result in significant pain and discomfort, making activities like riding a bike, running, or walking difficult for some women. 

Labial reduction can significantly improve both the appearance of the enlarged labia and relieve pain and discomfort symptoms. Surgeons commonly perform labia majora reduction to reduce the size of enlarged labia majora, which are most often caused by childbirth or significant weight gain or loss. 

Although liposuction may sometimes treat enlarged labia majora, our surgeons recommend surgical removal as the first choice.


The procedure can help to improve sexual sensation by improving the appearance of the labia..

Labiaplasty revision can lead to improved sexual sensation for patients. The procedure involves the correction of previous labiaplasty procedures that resulted in unsatisfactory outcomes, including those that negatively impacted sexual function. 

By removing excess tissue, reshaping the labia, or improving the symmetry of the labia, the patient may experience increased comfort during sexual activity and a heightened sensitivity to stimulation. 

This can lead to an improvement in sexual satisfaction and overall well-being. It’s important to consult with a qualified and experienced surgeon who can provide a personalized evaluation and recommend the best course of action for achieving desired results.


Labiaplasty revision & reconstruction can help to improve a woman’s confidence and self-esteem.

The procedure involves correcting previous labiaplasty procedures that produced undesirable outcomes, which can include feelings of self-consciousness and insecurity about the appearance of one’s genitalia. 

By improving the appearance and function of the labia, patients may experience an increase in self-esteem and a boost in their confidence. 

This can positively impact various aspects of their lives, including relationships and sexual experiences


Labiaplasty can reduce discomfort due to enlarged labia and irritation due to asymmetry.

This can lead to increased comfort during physical activities, such as exercising or sexual activity, and improved overall well-being. 


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Why choose us?

Choosing the correct surgeon for your labiaplasty surgery is crucial to achieving the best results. However, not every surgeon possesses the necessary skills and experience to perform labia reduction surgery competently. If you’re unhappy with the outcome of a primary labiaplasty procedure, you may need revision labiaplasty.
I see many patients who have had botched labiaplasty procedures performed elsewhere,” says Dr. Broad. “I perform over 100 labiaplasty procedures each year, with an increasing number of them being revision labiaplasty for women who have had surgery at another clinic.”

Potential Complications and Risks

Like all surgical procedures, labiaplasty revision carries some risks and potential complications, including bleeding, infection, scarring, and dissatisfaction with the results. Your surgeon will discuss these risks with you prior to the procedure and provide you with steps to minimize them.


As a patient, you need to know every detail about your surgeon’s experience in the field of vaginal cosmetic surgeries. Y

You must ask for their knowledge, experience and expertise before you choose them as your surgeon. Your vagina is the most sensitive part of your body. It is not only has a physical value but a great deal of emotional worth as well.

Therefore, you should inquire about relevant details from your surgeon. You can ask about the following:


Ask for any experience, especially recent surgeries performed, especially in the past six months.


Before and after pictures of their patients, see their work


Meet a patient or talk to them over the phone and inquire about their post-op experience


A revision is performed over the botched cosmetic vaginal surgeries when an inexperienced and under-qualified doctor performs this procedure. It could worsen the case and leave the patient in much more distress than she was already facing.


Once the patient is prepared for the reconstructive surgery, she is given local anesthesia to her vagina and prepared for the labiaplasty surgery. 

However, such surgeries are particular to each patient. Some might want to reconstruct labia minora / labia majora or clitoral hood or even repair the uneven and asymmetrical labia. In some cases, more than one procedure is required for the patient to help her heal completely.  


Revising the botched labia surgery will take just as long for a patient to heal as a regular labiaplasty. 

Patients labial tissue will be stitched up during the surgical procedure with dissolvable sutures, and they will come off within two weeks of the surgery. 

Patients will feel completely normal in six weeks as they are completely healed by then.


The revised surgery needs the same post-op precautions.

  • Take your medicines religiously
  • Do not involve in any vigorous workout
  • Do not pick up anything heavy
  • Avoid intercourse until six weeks

Contact us if there is discomfort or bleeding after two to four weeks of healing.   


The recovery period after labiaplasty revision varies from person to person, but most patients can return to work and other normal activities within one to two weeks. However, strenuous activities and sexual intercourse should be avoided for at least four to six weeks after the procedure.   To ensure a successful recovery, it is important to follow the instructions provided by your surgeon, including any medication, wound care, and activity restrictions. You should also avoid exposing the incision site to water and keep the area clean and dry.

Take Back Control of Your Life With Labiaplasty Reconstruction

If you are considering Labiaplasty revision & reconstruction, it is important to
speak with a qualified surgeon who has experience in the procedure and can provide you with information about the risks and potential complications.

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