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Botched Labiaplasty Correction - Aesthetic Procedures

What is botched labiaplasty revision?

Cosmetic vaginal surgery is a quickly growing field. Usually it is done when a woman does not feel comfortable with her natural labia or wants a neater and smoother vulva. It is a growing specialty niche for gynecologist with an aesthetic eye and the appropriate cosmetic surgical training. Not every cosmetic or plastic surgeon is qualified or experienced enough to perform these surgeries on such a sensitive part of the female body.

Professional reconstruction

Under such circumstances, when patients fall prey to inexperienced doctors and are subjected to poor outcomes, devastating results and increased pain and discomfort in such a sensitive area. In case the surgery is not performed with extreme professionalism and accuracy, it can cause the patient physical damage and emotional trauma. She could have difficulty having intercourse with her husband and also feel extreme difficulty with her daily routine work and exercises.

Reverting a cosmetic vaginal surgery

In such cases, where the results of vaginal cosmetic surgeries are destructive, Dr. Broad invites you to visit her and her team for making it better for you. If your original surgery did not provide you with the desired results, we promise you that we can perform a botched labia revision. We want to give you exceptional results to make your everyday life smooth, provide you with confidence and take you out of the emotional misery it is causing.


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How to avoid being in a situation that may result in a botched labiaplasty?

As a patient, you need to know every detail about your surgeon’s experience in the field of vaginal cosmetic surgeries. You must ask for their knowledge, experience and expertise before you choose them as your surgeon.

Your vagina is the most sensitive part of your body. It is not only has a physical value but a great deal of emotional worth as well. Therefore, you should inquire about relevant details from your surgeon. You can ask about the following:

work Experience

Ask for any experience, especially recent surgeries performed, especially in the past six months.

PROOF of work

Before and after pictures of their patients, see their work

real world experience

Meet a patient or talk to them over the phone and inquire about their post-op experience

Asking these questions will give you the confidence in your doctor to trust him with such a sensitive and vital procedure.

[ revision ]

Why is it performed?

A revision is performed over the botched cosmetic vaginal surgeries when an inexperienced and under-qualified doctor performs this procedure. It could worsen the case and leave the patient in much more distress than she was already facing.


How is it performed?

Once the patient is prepared for the reconstructive surgery, she is given local anesthesia to her vagina and prepared for the labiaplasty surgery. However, such surgeries are particular to each patient. Some might want to reconstruct labia minora / labia majora or clitoral hood or even repair the uneven and asymmetrical labia. In some cases, more than one procedure is required for the patient to help her heal completely.  


How long is the healing process?

Revising the botched labia surgery will take just as long for a patient to heal as a regular labiaplasty. Patients labial tissue will be stitched up during the surgical procedure with dissolvable sutures, and they will come off within two weeks of the surgery. Patients will feel completely normal in six weeks as they are completely healed by then. 


Botched Labiaplasty

and what we can do to help you.

Labia amputation

There are cases when labia minora was removed entirely. This could be clearly because the surgeon was inexperienced or underqualified to do the procedure. While doing labiaplasty, the patient asks for a smoother look that is symmetrical on both sides of the vagina. However, labia is mostly amputated, which can cause discomfort while doing daily activities, exercises and, most importantly, sex with your partner.


Dr. Broad’s experience in their field is exceptional. She knows the essence of labia minora and rightly quantifies how much is necessary for that particular patient. She reconstructs labia minor bilaterally to the appropriate level required for her.  

Botched Labia from surgery

An uneven, asymmetrical, and irregularly shaped labia minora can be a source of disgust, emotional stress, insecurity and lack of confidence in many women. An inexperienced surgeon can ruin your vulva’s appearance and make you feel uncomfortable with your partner, and create irritation and discomfort in regular daily activities.

The reconstruction

Dr. Broad and her team help reconstruct the vaginal opening, reconstruct the labia minora and maintain the symmetry by contouring both sides. Her extraordinary results by Dr. Broad and her team leave the patient with an ecstatic feeling of being youthful, giving her confidence in herself and with her partner.

Incomplete Labiaplasty or Clitoral Hood Reduction:

When patients come to underqualified and inexperienced doctors for advice, they might also be willing to get the surgery done from them rather than an experienced vaginal cosmetic surgeon. There could be several reasons. However, such patients at high risk of being prey to such doctors and the surgery can result in a mishap of having incomplete labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction.

Our team can detect the irregularity in the labia reconstruction as the protruding labia could be seen in an incomplete surgery done by an underqualified doctor. Such revisions of botched labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction are necessary as it can cause discomfort during daily physical activities for the woman.

Botched Perineoplasty AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT

Some patients can come to the office with absolute distress due to botched perineoplasty


Such cases need immediate attention as such mishaps can cause fecal matter to transfer to the vaginal cavity and result in severe vaginal infections and UTIs. 


Apart from that, a botched perineoplasty can cause much discomfort for women multiple times during the day.



Patients deserve special expertise to reconstruct the perineum tissue. Dr. Broad offers her expert services to resolve this complication for all such patients.  

How is the surgical procedure performed?

A botched labiaplasty is revised differently in different patients. It is determined by the amount of damage done by the previous surgery and what procedures are required. Patients might need to be under the surgery for a minimum of one to two hours to a maximum of five to six hours, depending on the sensitivity of the procedures involved.  

alternative hormones
[ after surgery ]

What are the Post-Op precautions?

The revised surgery needs the same post-op precautions.



  • Take your medicines religiously
  • Do not involve in any vigorous workout
  • Do not pick up anything heavy
  • Avoid intercourse until six weeks


Contact us if there is discomfort or bleeding after two to four weeks of healing.   

psychological effects of blotched labiaplasty

How does it affect the patient mentally and physically?

A patient who has had a botched surgery is already in physical pain and emotional distress. A revision is highly likely to bring back her confidence in herself and keep her sexually satisfied with her partner.


Dr. Broad’s patients are positively ecstatic with their results. They feel younger and feel more inclined to have a sexually active life and a more comforting daily routine. Women who went through revision of their botched surgeries with Dr. Broad had shown a great deal of contentment and satisfaction with the results they get.  

[ FAQ]

Frequently asked questions

what does a labiaplasty cost?

On average, labiaplasty costs roughly $5,500, which includes surgery fees, operating room time, anesthesia, and office visits. This may differ depending on your specific requirements.

Is it possible for labiaplasty to cause nerve damage?

According to several women, having a labiaplasty has enhanced their quality of life. However, problems such as nerve injury and over-resection might occur. The latter can cause chronic dryness and scarring around the vaginal opening, resulting in painful intercourse.

Is labiaplasty going to make you tighter?

Labiaplasty is typically used to minimize the size and shape of the labia minora as well as the labia majora. In rare circumstances, only the labia minora may require improvement. The extra labial tissue will be trimmed by the surgeon to make it tighter.


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