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Vaginal Surgery: Vaginal Rejuvenation


What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Every woman has a birth-right to feel special about herself. She is a gifted being who can reproduce and bring new life into the world, and for that, she has to go through a lot of physical, mental and emotional upheavals. Still, she welcomes her bundle of joy with a smile, showering immense love and care and forgetting all about herself. Age doesn’t exactly reward us women either. As a woman ages, she has to deal with the ups and downs of her hormonal cycles as well as the stress and pressures of our hectic modern life. It can take its mental, emotional toll on us, if we choose to let it. 

Thankfully, medical science has significantly advanced in the world of women’s health. Women have become more and more aware of these changes to. We are taking charge of our own destiny and investing in our own well-being and vitality.  

With the many treatments available to tighten up face muscles and skin, including creams, ointments, and even exercises. We can do the same thing with both the internal and external vaginal muscles and skins. Using modern technology and techniques, we can now smooth the walls of the vaginal cavity through both surgical and non-surgical means.

All these issues can cause emotional stress in a woman. A woman’s body goes thru a lot. With age, we can continue to suffer along with issues due to the life changes from menopause as well as other complications.


Going thru the process of vaginal rejuvenation will mentally and physically reinvigorate you. You will gain back your confidence and experience love in the manner your were used to and deserved. You and your partner will reconnect and re-energize your relationship experiencing the pleasure and excitement that you both desired in the past but could not achieve.

There are different ways of vaginal rejuvenation; we can categorize them into non-surgical and surgical treatments:

Non-surgical treatment

no-scalpel methods

Surgical treament

different types of surgical rejuvenation

[ non-surgical ]

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Many women prefer vaginal rejuvenation but are not ready to go under the knife. In such cases, doctors may examine your internal vaginal cavity walls and diameter. They can recommend you to go for laser treatments that do not require any surgery or recovery time.



It is an office-based procedure that your doctor will perform on you taking around 30 to 60 minutes. It requires no anesthesia and is a painless procedure. 


Your doctor or qualified medical practitioner will use a laser probe that emits micro-lesions that get attached to the walls of the vagina. These are monitored and controlled radio frequency that helps build new collagen cells and tighten muscle tissue. They tend to merge with the vaginal mucosa and genital tissues. The process is painless but feels a little warm as the procedure is happening. It increases blood flow to the vagina, creates more lubrication and sensitivity


For Women using a laser can result in a noticeable difference in the tightness of your vaginal walls. In order to achieve this, the doctor may recommend more than one treatment, based on examination of before and after treatments. In general the initial work can take 3 to 5 sessions, with a annual refresher session every year.

[ surgical ]


Labiaplasty is the process of trimming down excess skin and muscle tissue of labia minora and bringing this to the level of labia majora. Discomfort in sexual intercourse and daily exercise could be difficult and require labiaplasty. The surgery makes the skin and muscles of the female genital parts firm and smooth. It is a day’s procedure that requires local anesthesia and six weeks of recovery.

[ surgical ]

Labia filling

Sometimes the labia majora needs to be filled up to get it back into its full shape and provide the firmness it needs. This surgical process involves extracting fat from another part of the body, preferably thighs, and filling the labia majora to give it the elasticity it deserves.

[ surgical ]


It is a surgical procedure that is done under local anesthesia. Its purpose is to tighten up the loose vaginal muscles. This happens as a result of one or more vaginal deliveries. The procedure increases sensitivity during sexual intercourse and revitalizes the couple’s bond.  

[ surgical ]

Clitoral hood reduction

It increases sensitivity to a great extend in women when excess skin and tissue if the clitoral hood is removed. 

[ surgical ]


Hymenoplasty is a surgery that involves stitching up the torn hymen in the vagina. Doctors perform this under local anesthesia with dissolvable sutures that take 4 to 6 weeks to repair completely. Precautionary measures are incredibly crucial. Patient-doctor confidentiality is strictly observed.

[ surgical ]

Botched Labia Revision

Unfortunately, every plastic surgeon is not qualified to do surgery on such delicate parts of women. Vaginal surgeries need intensive care and precaution to increase sensitivity for sexual satisfaction with her partner, self-confidence that comes with the appearance of the genital’s appearance and comfort during sports and exercise. 


If the surgery goes wrong, Dr. Broad performs botched labia revision and it varies differently in different patients.

[ surgical ]


Perineoplasty is a surgery that involves repairing the perineum, the gap between anus and vagina. The procedure focuses on removing skin anomalies, scaring and discomfort of the skin folds, uneven bulge of the perineum, and tightening loose perineum muscles.

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When can I have these procedures done?

Every woman is different and therefore, it varies from woman to woman. It also depends on which procedures you are considering to get done.

Labiaplasty and labia filling can both be done early too. It is a procedure that will help eliminate discomfort during sexual activity. You don’t necessarily need to be old as this is very genetic and even a teen can undergo it.

Other processes like rejuvenating vaginal walls can be done after a woman gives vaginal birth one or multiple times. This causes the vaginal cavity to stretch up and getting desired sexual pleasure could be a struggle. You are most welcome to discuss all these procedures with your doctor, who will guide you precisely through each one of them and if you are the right candidate for it. 

In any case, please consult your doctor before, discuss it and then move ahead with the procedure. 

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

If you’re considering a cosmetic vaginal surgery, you may want to know what vaginal rejuvenation is. While it’s certainly a safe and popular procedure, there are certain pros and cons to consider before you make the final decision. This is a surgical procedure (surgical vaginal rejuvenation), performed to improve the appearance of a woman’s vulva, which can increase her appeal to men. Women who have excess skin over their clitoral area may benefit from the procedure, as excess labia can interfere with sexual activity. A clitoral hood reduction is indicated in these cases.

Risks of surgical vaginal rejuvenation

If you’re interested in getting a procedure, be aware of the risks involved. While most women are comfortable with the risks of the procedure, there are also risks to consider. Several common complications can occur, including infection, bleeding, and difficult control of the procedure. If you’re considering vaginal rejuvenation, speak to your health care provider about your expectations and whether it’s right for you.

Energy based therapies


There are two popular treatments for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. One use radio frequency, while the other employs laser. They are referred to as energy-based therapies. Both radiofrequency and laser treatments heat the tissues, which influences collagen synthesis. It was discovered that chilling, in conjunction with radiofrequency, causes vaginal tightness. The alternative laser treatment both warms and tightens the vaginal tissues.

Radio Frequency (RF) Therapies – Radiofrequency (RF) treatments make use of electromagnetic radiation. These waves are comparable to those produced by a microwave. These waves are present to a lesser amount in RF treatments, and the energy is targeted to heat the tissue. ThermiVa and Viveve are two brands that sell RF devices.

CO2 Laser – A wand is inserted during CO2 laser therapy. This wand warms up the vaginal tissue. The tissue in the lower layers is driven to produce more collagen, which firms and tightens the skin. FemTouch, MonaLisa Touch, and FemiLift are the brands that sell the laser equipment.

Improved sex life though vaginal rejuvenation surgery

Many women have wide vaginas. This can be due to pregnancy or aging. Regardless of the cause, the goal of this treatment is to improve vaginal tone and improve sexual friction, making sexual intercourse more enjoyable. The result of a vaginal rejuvenation surgery can improve your sex life and your confidence. And, if you’re having difficulties in intimacy, you might want to consider a female genital plastic surgery to improve your overall health and self-esteem.

Non surgical vaginal rejuvenation

If you’re concerned about vaginal laxity, consider a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure, such as the V-Lase. Although the surgery is relatively minor, it is important to allow the area a few days to heal. After the laser treatment, the area may be sensitive during sexual intercourse, but women are usually not bothered by discomfort afterward. Because the V-Lase does not require anesthesia, women don’t experience any pain during or after the procedure, though they may feel some heat.

Regardless of the reason for your interest in vaginal rejuvenation, you should be clear about what you expect from it. The process is not for everyone, but for those who have a strong desire to improve their vagina, it may be worth considering. However, it is a procedure that you might consider if you have had a recent cancer treatment. It can also help you avoid pain and embarrassment.

While there are a number of risks associated with this procedure, it is a safe and effective treatment for many women. It can improve the appearance of the vagina and increase a woman’s sexual pleasure. A professional doctor / plastic surgeons can offer the best treatments for a woman’s particular needs. You may find the procedure beneficial if your underlying condition is more noticeable than a few inches in diameter. It can also reduce the chances of leaking urine aka having issues with urinary incontinence.

Age related issues

Another factor to consider is the age of the woman. The vagina is a muscle, and it can stretch out with time. While some women can do their own exercises, the vagina may be atrophy. This is a condition where the walls of the vagina are thin or stretched out. A woman suffering from this condition may benefit from a nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure. You can tighten your uterus to make it feel more comfortable.


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