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Vaginoplasty – its uses

Vaginoplasty generally refers to any procedure that is performed to the vagina. All the procedures that are done to modify the vagina to make necessary changes are called vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation.

Mostly, this procedure includes resection or removal of the excess lining of the vagina, along with tightening of the muscles of the vaginal canal. Also, the labia minora and labia majora are changed if necessary.

Tightening of muscles

The tightening of the muscles can reduce the diameter of this canal to almost its original size, which can help women get those sensual feelings back. To understand it better, it can be compared to tummy tuck where excess skin is removed and muscles are tightened. Similarly, vaginoplasty is performed to remove excess lining and tightening the muscle layer underneath.

The process of labiaplasty or vaginal tightening can also be combined with perineal tightening. Perineal tightening or perineoplasty is tightening of the muscles that are just below the vaginal cavity.



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[ main principes ]

What causes loose vaginal muscles in the vaginal canal?

Many women experience a widening of their canal after experiencing childbirth. The muscle layer underneath gets stretched along with the growth of the vaginal mucosa or lining of tissues. This usually happens for two reasons:


When a woman goes through multiple vaginal deliveries, the vaginal muscles tend to loosen up. After each delivery, the muscle is stretched even more.

Later, these muscles tend to go back to their position, but at times they fail to go back to their original size. The canal diameter can be a few millimetres more than what it was before going through the childbirth.  


Ageing is another reason for the loosening of the muscles. As the skin loses its elasticity with time, so is the case with the vaginal lining.



Most women who have aged and have gone through vaginal delivery are more likely to experience loosening of the muscles of their vagina.  

[ reasons ]

Why would women go for vaginoplasty?

Everyone has sexual needs. It is the fundamental desire for all humans to experience and fulfil their sexual desires and ecstasies.


After going through multiple childbirth, she might not have those feelings that she deserves to have. Vaginoplasty helps her regain that feeling and experience those pleasures again, which she had long lost due to her loose muscles and tissues.


The results of this surgery is not only pleasurable for the woman but is equally enjoyable for her spouse/partner. In the past, her weak tissues might not have been of the same elasticity which led to pleasure for her spouse/partner.


After the vaginoplasty procedure, both the man and woman can achieve more fulfilling arousals during their sexual intercourse.


How is the surgery done, and how much time does it take?

This surgical procedure is done exclusively as
an out patient surgery for patients. Upon examination by Dr Broad, she
will assess the best options for the you which may qualify you for
surgery. As part of the consultation, Dr Broad will assess if your
vaginal muscles have relaxed excessively and/or if your vaginal
openining could also be a lot wider than what would be usual for you.

The surgery

Firstly, excess skin from the opening is removed. This is done after the consultation with the patient about her current partner’s specification.

After that is done, the skin or the lining of the vaginal canal are separated from the underlying muscles. These muscles will be tightened up, and the extra skin will also be removed.

After separation of the skin and muscles, the muscle tissue is pulled and stitched together to tighten it up. This will help tighten up the canal. Now that the vaginal cavity is smaller, the excess skin needs to be removed from both sides.Upon the incision closing, the sutures will dissolve on their own. On average, it will take 4-6 weeks for the sutures to dissolve.

Later on, the opening is tightened with stitches. This action will make sex more enjoyable for both partners


The positive of this surgery is its out patient. It can be done during the day with the whole surgery taking an hour or two. Then, the patient can go home same day and recuperate.

[ recovery ]

How long is the recovery time for this surgery?

Vaginoplasty patients usually have to take a week off from work for the healing process.

As the numbness wears off the pain recurs and the patient has to take painkillers and the antibiotics prescribed. The stitches would dissolve in about six weeks after the procedure as the patient fully recovers. You will find that icing helps a lot with your recovery to feeling better.


[ after surgery ]

What are the Post-Op precautions?

It is strictly advised, not to lift heavy objects, do extreme exercise and indulge in sexual intercourse during this time. Once the recovery is complete, the area feels perfectly healed, and sutures are entirely dissolved, only then you can continue with your activities.

We advise that you get some help at home with the usual tasks. If you have kids and pets, make sure that you do not exert yourself too much. It is better to get help from family or friends for the immediate two or three days’ post-surgery.

In case you feel discomfort, you can call our office and talk to us. We will try to assist you as much as possible over the phone call. If necessary, we might call you over for an examination.


How will vaginoplasty change my sex life?

Vaginoplasty, the process of restricting the vaginal cavity by tightening the muscles in the vaginal canal and removing excess lining, is explicitly done to improve your sexual interaction.

Many women are insecure about how their genitalia looks and feels. The want their vulva to look pleasing. Vaginoplasty boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel younger again. They even feel closer to their partner.

In addition to that, their spouses also enjoy the tightness from the smaller and more gripping vaginal canal just like it was before.

Benefits of Vaginoplasty and Vaginal Reconstruction

A vaginoplasty is a cosmetic procedure for the female organ that improves the look and feel of the vagina. It is often performed on women who have had multiple childbirths or for those who wish to regain their vaginal strength. Dr. Broad understands the reasons why a woman would consider undergoing this procedure. As a female cosmetic surgeon, she is well equipped to deal with any concerns a woman may have.

During your consultation, Dr. Broad will review your medical history and assess your body. She will also discuss with you your goals and options for treatment. She will encourage you to ask questions and learn about the surgical procedure and the process involved. During this time, you will be able to make an informed decision about your health. Your recovery will depend on your own comfort level and how much discomfort you can tolerate. Afterwards, you will be able to return to work and resume exercise. Your recovery will take about a week.

Another procedure to improve your vaginal appearance is labiaplasty. This cosmetic surgery tightens the vaginal opening. You can also perform kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic area. Women often experience discomfort due to an enlarged or protruding labia minora. Others are embarrassed about the protruding labia. Dr. Broad is a board certified OBGYN in Newport Beach, California. Regardless of your reasons for seeking a cosmetic procedure, there are several important benefits to consider.

In addition to enhancing the appearance of the vulva, women often choose vaginoplasty in Orange County if they’ve had multiple children. A labiaplasty may improve vaginal dryness, sagging vagina, and lax skin. To find out whether vaginoplasty in Newport Beach is right for you, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Your doctor will discuss your goals and concerns during the consultation.

Another benefit of vaginoplasty in Newport Beach is improved sex life and arousal. Dr. Broad will discuss the benefits of this procedure and your options with you. To learn more about the procedure, schedule a confidential consultation with our team. We will help you achieve the vaginal rejuvenation you’ve always desired.

After the procedure, patients may return to most normal activities but should refrain from heavy lifting or exercise for at least a week. After the procedure, patients may return to work but should not engage in strenuous activity until they have healed completely. During this period, sutures will dissolve, but swelling may remain for two to three months. Ice may help reduce swelling, but patients should avoid excessive activity until the incisions have completely healed.

Risks of vaginoplasty

Although labiaplasty is a popular procedure, it does carry risks. Infection, scarring, and hematoma are some of the risks. Dr. Broad will carefully evaluate your medical history and determine if this procedure is right for you. During your consultation, she will address all your questions and concerns and will discuss the various options available to you.


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